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Today, I

  • made an appointment with my bank to resolve a potential problem before it comes up, which is a good start, as my general approach to all matters bureaucratic is usually more ostrich-like in nature;
  • went to see a very funny movie by the same director who had made 'Run, Lola, Run' (and 'The Perfume', but we better forget about that one). It was about a straight couple that have been together for twenty years when they independently meet and fall in love with the same man. It's called 'Three', and I warmly recommend it; I'm sure it'll make its way abroad, just as 'Lola' did. It has the cutest thing in the credits, but I can't really tell what it is without handing you a giant mega-spoiler, which I don't want to do as I'd rather have people enjyo the movie;
  • went to the only shop where they sometimes have bran flakes at an affordable price, and found they had so much of it, there was even some left when I was done; and I now have bran flakes for weeks and weeks of happy breakfasts with my cats:
  • got the most wonderful [livejournal.com profile] milliclaus gift from [livejournal.com profile] wanderlustlover, who made me an Urquhart fanmix following his canonical backstory, and linked me to icon resources I hadn't known before. I have been exchanging a quarter of Urq's icons since I came home after movie and shopping.

And now, mulled wine and RP! Not too long, though, as I mean to get up at nine tomorrow for the eclipse.-
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In Milliways, we write in the present tense; in Morningstar Manor, in the past.

AU!Urq is taking off there quite nicely, if not quite like a house on fire (he's still working his way in, after all); but I find that I am having to retag quite often to change the tenses, and even then I miss half of them.

Urq in my head is talking in the present tense, I fear.-

The plot so far (for the Milliwaysers who are curious):


Oct. 9th, 2009 04:46 pm
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Why are my cats so cute?

Why were there no new EPs in Milliways between when I fell offline last night, and sometime this afternoon?

Why has absolutely everybody the same cold at the moment, even people on the internet I never met, and why does that mean I have to get it as well?
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Klaus Nomi.

Freddy Mercury.

Rudolph Nureyev.

All those ordinary people my other godchild's amazing grandma is working with in South Africa.

Alex, who was my best friend in the 1990s.

Oh please God, let it really be over!! No more of all this!

SPN 5.02

Sep. 18th, 2009 01:00 pm
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Bullet points of spoilery running commentary! )

Non-SPN related bullet points of random randomness:

  • OMG actual lunch at lunchtime! When I work, I never have lunch; and when I don't, I usually only wake up around lunchtime.
  • Oh, Nazgul, Calpis isn't quite the sort of recent fad we thought it to be. It is quite traditional! But I do think my version is a passable imitation; however, I'll try and get the concentrate at the Hongkong Market so we can compare.
  • Also, I envy you Americans for having an elected leader who not only has an actual personality and is intelligent, but also has a sense of humour and is dorky!
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Spoilers -- duh! )

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] authorm and [livejournal.com profile] silveraspen both, without whom I would never have got into 'Supernatural' in the first place!
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The Random Romance Novel Title Generator gave me these:

  • The Parisian Heir's Robust Love-Slave
  • The Scottish Tycoon's Depraved Fishmongeress
  • The Pacific Islander Cad's Tasty Dragon Lady
  • The Maltese Viceroy's Lonely Mistress
  • The Nordic Pirate's Lovely Prisoner
  • The Parisian Vampire's Quiet Feminist
  • The Turkish Heir's Unctuous Virgin
  • The Albanian Landowner's Bluestockinged Mistress

I must stop doing this, and imagining what they might be about...
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[livejournal.com profile] cob_web has this wonderful list of things people told her she would grow out of when she got older, but didn't.

Many of the things on there, barring the Doc Martens and the interesting glasses, are true for me as well, but I think I'll add my own. This could be a real meme!

  • Wanting to be a writer -- I actually earn pocket money writing spinelessly nice book reviews
  • Wanting my own pet -- I am still amazed that OMG I have my own cats!
  • Geeking out on fictional worlds
  • Fangirling fictional blokes
  • Posters on the wall
  • Not having a 'proper' bed
  • Flavoured tea
  • Putting the volume on my music waaaaaay up so it follows me all over the flat
  • An almost missionary enthusiasm for new things and ideas I freshly discovered
  • Eating with chopsticks
  • My ancient stinky stuffed dolphin
  • Fascination with bloke-on-bloke love or sex, AKA slash (only it wasn't called that back then)

Now, which are yours?
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Here are the rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. They don't have to be the greatest books you've ever read, just the ones that stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

  1. Winnie The Pooh -- A.A. Milne
  2. The Hobbit -- J.R.R. Tolkien
  3. A Struggle For Rome -- Felix Dahn
  4. The Silmarillion -- J.R.R. Tolkien
  5. The Portrait Of Mr. W.H. -- Oscar Wilde
  6. The Persian Boy -- Mary Renault
  7. The Charioteer -- Mary Renault
  8. Foucault's Pendulum -- Umberto Eco
  9. The Master And Margarita -- Mikhail Bulgakov
  10. Always Coming Home -- Ursula LeGuin
  11. Death's Head -- Mel Keegan
  12. Wraeththu -- Storm Constantine
  13. Memnoch The Devil -- Anne Rice
  14. The Man in the Moss -- Phil Rickman
  15. A Companion To Wolves -- Elizabeth Bear

Aside: I did these chronologically; and I took this meme to mean only fiction. I could do another list of the same sort with non-fiction. And yes, there are reasons why Tolkien and Mary Renault occur twice, and why in several author's cases, the one I list is not te main work they are associated with.
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Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. (Please note: If you simply wish to comment on something I've said but don't want to participate in the meme, that is fine. I will only give you five words if you specifically comment you with 'Words!')

Goths: I think I explained my past with them the for the last incarnation of this meme, so I'm not going to repeat myself. But I am heading towards a Gothic future! The Nazgul and I will be Gothic women for this year's medieval markets/events, and I am going to construct Gothic garments today and (if needed) tomorrow. The belt and belt pouch, I already have; now for a long shirt and peplum dress. The nazgul is going for the option of skirt and tunic. We have trimming that looks quite authentic (without going to the length of either card-weaving ourselves, or buying expensive card-woven trim), and are going to be quite spectacular. With the added bonus that nobody will ask us whether we're real. As they did when we were nuns.

Tarot: I'd had dabbled in tarot on and off for years (among the people I'd been loosely associated with here in Munich, you simply didn't get not to), and then, Master Urban did an 'eletronic tarot' on CD-ROM, back in 1998 or so. I tested the program for him, and one card that popped up on my radar quite a lot was the Tower. Lots of things were changing in the world just then, approaching the millennium, and in my family. That was about the time when Sphinx got pregnant with the Little Lady, my grandmother sold her house and moved to Wiesbaden where the rest of my folks were and so on, and Tower wandered through all my test spreads in some way or another. So, when years later Tiger started bringing tarot cards as charries to Milliways, I knew right away tat the only one I could possibly pick was Tower. I always used Master Urban's old CD-ROM for his spreads at first; but shortly after Christmas 2007, I found the Orthodox Icon tarot, and I've been using that ever since, for Tower and in RL, and have been getting some spectacular results. That deck is Tower's deck; he's just letting me use it. As a tarot card, he's a very strong and generally known archetype who lives in many minds, an almost independent entitiy, and if I play him, he more or less just walks through me. None of my other charries, in Milliways or Morningstar Manor, is anything like that, so I do hesitate to play him often, because I quite like to rule my own brain.

I always thought myself a dog person, but in spring 2005, my upstairs neighbour in the old house which is now torn down got a cat, a female tabby, and I volunteered to look after her while they were on holiday, sometimes. I found that I really missed her for a bit after she'd gone home again, and started thinking about getting my own. In September 2006, my colleague Lena sent an email to everybody at work with the subject line 'Who wants a cat child?', and I went and raised my hand and said 'me'. Because we already had one tabby female in the house, I took the red male. That was Lucifer -- I got him on October 20th, and soon wondered why I had inflicted 39 cat-less year upon myself. Mephisto, I got from the same colleague last year, because I had been moved to the larger flat when the old house was torn down, and now had room for two cats. I thought Lucifer could use some company; he ended up doing the lion's share of the work in education Mephi, though. Mephi is clever and weird and very funny at times, and destructive at others (he had destroyed the folding screen in his first picture within the week!), but he never tried to touch my computer, like Luiifer had done, or hew cables. I had taught Lucifer in no uncertain terms that they are NO!!!; he must have taught his little brother. Yes, they're from the same mother. After a few days, they started loving each other dearly, and are very close.

Spiral: I think that means my tattoo of a heyiya-if, a symbol from Ursula LeGuin's experimental SF novel 'Always Going Home', which I am still amazed hasn't got a much larger fan base. It symbolises the world-view of her fictional post-apocalyptic tribe in Napa Valley, uniting dualism and holism, and I thought for years that, if I ever get a tattoo, it would have to be a heyiya-if. And then, in summer 2004, I did get it...

Italy: Munich gets nick-named 'the most northerly Italian city'. It's entirely natural to go to Italy for holidays, even short ones; and there's lots of Italians here, and decent Italian eateries and even bars. I have five within two minutes' walking distance. Going to Italy like I did last summer, to Verona and Ravenna, is obvious and simple, from a Munich point of view. Of course, I had picked going there for the sake of seeing places Teja had known, in particular, and we did see a dead Goth despite the fact Ravenna again tried to infuriate us; but all in all, I did the obvious Italian thing anybody from Munich seems to do from time to time.
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Tonight I went swimming with [livejournal.com profile] nazgulwears , which might have been a bad idea. It was a bizarre day, and lots of bizarre things occurred:

  • On the way there, we ran into a group of posh Japanese people, young, the women in kimono, one or two of them even with long maiko-like sleeves, and a few men wearing kimono and hakama. The Nazgul staaaaaared, she has her own dark blue hakama for kendo, but would never wear it in the street! I guessed it was a wedding party: somebody from Japan marrying someone from here.
  • In the bath, there were some very odd people about: a grown woman was being taught how to swim, and a (straight) couple about to break the Third Rule right there in the water.
  • Then there was Duck Man: he put his feet on the rim of the pool and submerged everything else, for really long. We kept wondering if he was dead, or maybe would die this time around already? It kept us on our toes, even when we were floating.
  • The, we went to the frigidarium where the lifeguards (DLRG! Really!!) were practicing. They had special clothes on a hanger to wear while swimming, for practice.
  • There was Duck Woman: she was swimming the length of the pool in a strange freestyle manner, and with every stroke, she dove in with her head, really deep, and stuck her bum out of the water.
  • There was a guard on duty at the tepidarium, a youngish blond bloke, who didn't sit in the guard chair or wander about like the other guards do; instead, he sat on the statuary at the entrance to the pool and struck dramatic poses, stretching out tanned legs that he thought shapely, and letting his shoulder-lenth blond hair hang about in what he thought interesting ways. He must have fancied himself some mixture of Totila, and Sawyer from Lost (the Nazgul had never heard of Sawyer, but at least knows Totila). He was terminally silly! In the end, we laughed so much we had to swim back on our backs for the last length to avoid looking at him and giggling more.
  • I took pictures of the lovely art noveau architecture this time!! I tried to avoid including people, as that is not strictly legal in Germany -- there is something called 'right to your own picture', and only more than twenty people are a random crowd, which makes is legally safe to take their pictures in a public setting without a model release, i.e. without them having the right to demand you take the pics off the internet. The devil is a squirrel; I try to be careful. Big events even have small prints on the back of their tickets saying that by buying the ticket, one agrees to have one's picture taken if any photographers or TV crews to audience shots, just in case.
  • No pictures of Totila Sawyer! You don't want to expire from giggles, after all; and we want to go back to the pool, and not be barred for mocking a guard publicly on the internetz!

Picture post tomorrow! I don't have to work, and can finally do all the memes and little odd jobs I put off, catch up with Torchwood (only saw Day1), poke the interetz, and thread. And process pictures. Thomas the Metropolitan has a new Pentax, too, which he has promised I can try; he swears that it, finally, will take decent pictures of Mephi. So I am apt to channel my inner!Andras much, tomorrow, anyway.
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WTF has got into me? The weekend so far has been dedicated to total indulgence, luxury, and the enjoyment of things one should not own up to:

Read about my guilty pleasures if you dare! )
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Teja's memories for the current Milli!plot have just hit 100 posts.

Posts, not threads!

I'm impressed by all of us (alphabetically):

and all the others who play in those threads, but whose mun journals I don't know.

And we're nowhere near finished!!
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Ahh it was a good day, and there was so much, and I am so pleasantly tired from it, I can just enumerate it all quickly:

  • Woke up early, had good thread with the Nocturnal Americans
  • Yay plot is really coalescing and getting underway -- to think this was started as a mere stopgap measure!
  • Cats majorly cute!
  • Eeeeeeee Supernatural! But why is heaven's waiting room so rococo? Also, WTG, Bobby!
  • Left on time, came to the station, no trains -- people somewhere on the rails! Gah, why didn't they just flatten the idiots, they were ASKING for a Darwin Award!
  • Caught a tram to the Underground station, texted the Nazgul I was coming
  • Caught the Underground, where there is no net
  • Was majorly late, but when I arrived at the cinema, my ticket was waiting for me at the box office where the Nazgul had deposited it (clever Nazgul!) as I hoped she would
  • Went in, found the Nazgul
  • Watched the last commercial, then the movie started
  • Loved the movie -- review under spoiler cut to follow tomorrow!
  • EEEEEEEE Hikaru Sulu's collapsible katana was the coolest thing EVAH! And against a Romulan with an honest-to-god  battle axe!
  • Trains ran again when I went home
  • Bought mozzarella, made me the most luscious mozza-tomato-basil salad for dinner
  • Had more nice thread, including Captain Jack Harkness
  • Cats still majorly cute
  • More tomorrow!

Good night!


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