Sep. 17th, 2011 10:20 pm
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I think that in the US, they need a Moist von Lipwig round about now...
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Oh, [ profile] ceitfianna, did you see the last sentence on Moist von Lipwig's L-Space Wiki entry??

I think I just found the reason why Margolotta* finds him quite as rewarding a subject of enquiry.

*Among my charries, she's the second most independent. Probably because Discworld is a) so very popular and b) run on folklore and pop culture as it is. Hence, many minds that feed a charrie like her with their attention, hence a more independent entity in whatever mind touches her.


Jul. 10th, 2010 08:57 pm
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From the department for sporting behaviour:
People are putting on their game faces and were scurrying through the streets in moderate football rags and with drinks, in order to go see their team fail in failure the game for third place. There is sound of party and chatting and distant TV football in our courtyards. But no vuvuzelas.-

From the department for free entertainment:
I, however, am watching 'Colour of Magic'.  Jeremy Irons is hamming it horribly as Vetinari (apart from the part where the Patrician in the first few books isn't yet Vetinari, just as the Archchancellor isn't Ridcully). It's terribly over the top, and Twoflower not being Chinese is something I do count as racefail. Also, having the Librarian in human-shape already be short, squat, and reddish-haired is silly. But it's for free on the telly, hence costs me no money nor computer time. And it's not football.

From the department for feline exercise:
My cats are a bit livelier now it's no longer quite as hot. Mephi just jumped five feet high, in order to catch an insect. He caught it, too. My little black cat is quite sportsy.
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... as in the book in the foreground of this 'sit and drink' picture:

... or played by little kids on the street (barely visible in the background).

And because of the thankfully vuvuzela-free Ankh-Morpork football, I wore my old Ankh-Morpork jersey today.

Due to all that, my oldest RP headvoice ever woke up again. She opened her coffin lid, smiled at me sweetly, and said 'Oh, Maru, my dear, I had such a wonderful nap. You found me a new place to conquer and dominate have tea at? Thank you, my dear, let's go!' So, if all goes well, Milliways will soon have a [ profile] margolotta.
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Oh, hey, [ profile] ceitfianna, did you see this?

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I've got it now, to hold and keep and refer to, not something I might have had from a library at some stage any more!!

And I read the end first, of course, on the train to work. I was late, and got the worst time slot with all the kiddies returning from school on it, and didn't even consider joining [ profile] childfree as I usually do on that time slot because I was so squeeing for the wrong side!!

I got the chalice right, though, in the part of "drinking the Blood of the Seker"; in the book, it's exactly how I improvised it. Forming the chalice out of the godfire itself and all that. They even call it a "goblet". heh! I smell the next nasty meta-canon pun here.

Plus, I am collecting ammunition. There are so many things [ profile] asar_suti might set to work on [ profile] lochiel. There's even something that might be used to rob Lochiel of potential Endless support if necessary.

On the way home, I'll read up on teaching basic Ihlini magic so Asar-Suti gets to teach [ profile] toddbaby correctly.



Nov. 30th, 2004 10:30 pm
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Jane Austen
Jane Austen wrote you. You are extremely aware of
the power of a single word.

Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

gacked from [ profile] xanath

Oh hah hah hah! I do quite like Jane Austen, I must admit; but sometimes I need something stronger. Something evil, perhaps? But I must admit that avoided any answers that might have led me to She Who Must Not Be Named, who is what Kris has got.

Talking of evil, I found that [ profile] asar_suti's canon is out of print. Can anyone direct me to some sort of source where that fact can be circumvented? I would rather buy it, really truly pretty please.

And there was something else I meant to ask, but completely forgot when I saw that [ profile] lochiel had commented and my brain went in Teh Ebil mode. Might ETA later when I remember.

ETA: And now I have it again! When I looked in vain for the last two Cheysuli books (any, really), I came upon "The Art of Discworld".

There is a view of Bonk in there!!!!

It's in the upper left-hand corner of the violet double page that has the vampires as well. Erm, [ profile] litsares, do you think you could put it on the scanner once more? I need to truly immerse myself in that picture, but that's no reason to buy a complete book

And the houses look exactly as I pictured Lajos's and Beth's house to look like! But the two castles are on the same side of the town. And the bridge...

Bonk!! Bonk!! I finally get to see canon!Bonk!!
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Yay, we have a new DSL Modem! That is, the Metropolitans have one, and I share the good luck. Last night, we suddenly went offline. So I spent the evening reading "Swordspoint", and the morning making more icons for [ profile] cpt_tantony, and now we're online again, I have to go to work. Blah!

But before I do, I will cheekily repost something dear [ profile] _inbetween_ has scanned, because all the Dyskworlders on my list will appreciate it as well. Plumbers and Dunnikin Divers, anyone?

And: special thanks to [ profile] freeformchick for freeing my mind from the tyranny of 100x100 pixels. Just because we can have it, it doesn't mean we have to use it to the utmost. That's something which is wrong with the world in general, I find. Hmm. Excuse the sententiousness. In any case, all my non-square icons for the Captain come out rather interesting; and I'm going to make more later, too.

For [ profile] _inbetween_ and all others not associated with the Discworld RPG: that there is a sub-bucket full of over 60 James Frain icons.

ETA: Penelope, look at what [ profile] litsares has added to our Assassin story line! I think her flock includes you, but I'll encourage her to post it to the comm in any case. It's utterly brilliant, anyway. Underworld, I so have to run to work now!!
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(But everybody else may read as well, of course!)

There is a short fic involving the dwarves now up at [ profile] circlesea_tales
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By a lucky fluke, and the way LJ networks and links people worldwide, I managed to get a rather important (for me) question asked of Terry Pratchett in person; [ profile] dreamkin went to a book-signing and asked him for me.

I wanted to know when we will get a map of Überwald, if possible with an inset of Bonk and environs.  He said not yet, he didn't know enough; but at least my request has now reached his brain and might ferment and ripen there in time. That is all I ever wanted.
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Ashie? Ji? Jolie?

If people ask me for things the way you three did, I unfortunately can rarely resist; so there is some short new smut for the three of you at CST, incorporating aspects you especially enjoyed or asked for when commenting on the last one.

All of MSN is broken at the moment from what I hear; when it comes alive again, you might find ways to continue and embellish, so Friday's fic and today's drabble might turn into something of a Round Robin...
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Discworld has eaten my brain. More precisely, the [ profile] discworld_rpg has.

[ profile] nazgul_nr_5 now has found pictorial proof:

Cut for Brain Eating and Flist Spamming )
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As I said, it exists; it's a firm, not a farm, as I made its fictional counterpart over at the [ profile] discworld_rpg. An advertising firm, to be precise. I've spent the day here developing a concept for them, earning extra money by using all I learnt online since I had an LJ: the whole online co-operation, community, networking, hub-noding etc. shebang. It's great fun to actually work on something that is so close to where I personally and memetically am.

One central idea I got while RPing and talking by Gamil with [ profile] freeformchick on the side, even - it was she who first said "multitasking", which is of course a term I totally need when explaining how people are supposed to learn and co-operate in the 21st century.

Geeky side note: I am working at an actual Linux/KDE workstation for the first time ever; I like it. Very comfortable. Perhaps I should allow [ profile] japanologist to set up my little foldup computer with Linux after all. I use Firefox and OOo anyway.

Now for some factoids from Going Postal - SPOLIER ALERT!!! )
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I was just walking down the corridor at work coming back from not fixing the trouble on the P.C., erm, computer of our terribly rude accounting lady. While I was on my way there in answer to her terribly rude shouted (in a terribly rude Bavarian accent!) command to turn up at once and fix her damn computer, the thing had automagical fixed itself.

Not thinking the Bavarian chick worth ruining my mood, I turned my thoughts to something pleasant. The first pleasant thing that popped into my mind (even before the fact that I will finish reading "Going Postal" tonight!) was that tomorrow, I don't have to turn up in this madhouse for overwrought advertising sales people. Instead, I can do a nice and pleasant Arthur/Oriel log at the Stone Inn with [ profile] freeformchick to post at [ profile] circlesea_tales. I was immediately extremely cheered at that thought.

Being me, I always suspect my motivations. So, does the fact that I look forward to RPage so much imply that

a) I need to take a leaf out of [ profile] freeformchick's book and get myself another job?

b) I need to get a life (urgs! don't want one of those!!)?

c) we can be glad that this memetically extremely advanced relationship between our characters (entity theory, avatar theory, invocation, the collapse of time zones, network theory and Open Source story telling are involved, so nobody dare claim we're not incredibly advanced!!) is developing as nicely as it is and gives the muns much pleasure, and leave it at that?
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They had "Going Postal" at Hugendubel; so I am now taking to my sofa in order to read it.-

The cover has two "black dogs with orange eyebrows" on it - now I finally get to know what that notice in "Men At Arms" was all about. I noticed, because of Q, the Metropolitans' dog. And the inside of the cover has stamps from Ankh-Morpork. I am so going to put that on the scanner and start using it for all sorts of things...

Yes, and a happy Soul Cake Tuesday to everybody who knows what that is.-
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Hey, you, Ashie!! I know I promised skazzy screen caps. Here they finally are, in my bucket!

The ones we talked about, plus some from Signs where he wears that fatally silly aluminium thing on his head.
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An invite with a question about the cellar party in Ankh-Morpork on Saturday is here.

Just for those who check flists but not the RPG during the week, or parts of it.-
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This is [ profile] freeformchick her drabble what she earned because she is clever and guessed my riddle right.

It's a contribution to a current plot line at the [ profile] discworld_rpg - or rather, a crossover with quite another world/fandom that I'd dragged in for just a one-line joke and that comes seeping in more and more. Persistent beastie...

Shy and pretty )


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